Compress for arthritic pain

Compresses to the joints are assigned for various types of ailments. This is a simple, affordable and effective tool helps to quickly relieve the pain, eliminate swelling and to slow the inflammatory process. To achieve the maximum medical effect, it is recommended to strictly adhere to the recommendations, including to withstand a certain time and temperature, not change the concentration of the components.


Compresses for osteoarthritis of the knee will bring the maximum benefit, subject to simple rules:

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  • During the preparation to use environmentally friendly raw materials sourced in the pharmacy.
  • Not violate the formulation, concentration and exposure time.
  • Cold compresses less effective.
  • Consult a doctor about the possibility of combining pharmacological treatment with selected traditional medicine.
  • To ensure no allergic reactions to components of the product.
  • If you have side effects, seek immediate help.

Popular recipes

Joints and iodine

Test for allergies: apply a small amount of a component in the elbow. If within half an hour there was no response, then the component can be used in the treatment of joints.
  • Iodine and ammonia. Mix equal quantity of components and infuse for 4-5 days. To RUB for a few minutes a day. Compress can cause skin burns, so the grind will be enough.
  • Alcohol compress ammonia. Mix equal amount of ammonia and camphor alcohol, add 5 drops of iodine. Before sleep RUB the joint and wrap.
  • Honey mixture. Helps with injury and severe pain. Mix 1 tsp of honey, salt, soda, add 7 drops of iodine. The joint is good to soar, the top apply the warmed mixture, cover with a warm towel, wrap with a scarf. Leave for 15 minutes. To perform not less than 6 times.
  • Vodka compress on the knee joint. In 300 ml of rubbing alcohol or vodka, add 1 bottle of camphor and iodine, 10 ground tablets "Analgin". Mix, insist 3 weeks in a cool place.

Can I use kerosene?

The majority of joint diseases lead to a progressive inflammatory process. The use of purified kerosene allows you to pause the progression. The best recipes for the knee joint:

  • For the preparation of medicines need to add kerosene to fir oil.
  • Mix 100 g mustard powder and 200 g of table salt, diluted with kerosene until thick sour cream. RUB into the affected area before bedtime.
  • Fir oil and refined kerosene in the ratio of 2:1 rubbed on the night during the month.
  • Treatment of joint trauma, or gout may be accompanied by a compress with balm "Asterisk". In equal parts this tool is mixed with kerosene, applied to the affected area for 1 hour. Then compress the remains of a wash, soaked towel and wrapped.
  • When heel spurs can make a poultice of onions and kerosene. In half of the treated follicles drip remedy and fix to the affected area.

Fat Pets

The national medicine widely applies beef, lamb, chicken, and horse fat. For the treatment is taken fresh and not salt material. Pure fat is applied, then wrapped package or with plastic wrap,wrapped a blanket. Hot compress to the joints must be worn during the week. Change the bandage every day. On the third day the pain gradually subsides. Horse fat is well compatible with the "Dioxidine".

Egg from joints

Effective folk remedies:

  • Mix 1 egg, 1 tbsp water and vinegar. To moisten a napkin and properly put on the joint. To fix a bandage wrap. Effectively helps with pain in the joints.
  • To relieve swelling, apply the following recipe. Beat egg yolk with 1 teaspoon of turpentine, vodka and 1 tbsp of Apple cider vinegar. RUB into the affected knee every day, not forgetting to wrap the joint with a blanket.
  • To treat swelling of the joint, you can use the following recipe: wash egg, drop into the jar, pour the vinegar. To close the container, put on 2 days in a dark place. In due time, the remains of the shell to pierce and release the contents into the solution, stir and put on the cold still not 2 days. Rubbing helps with diseases of the joints.

Recipes from mug

This plant is able to regulate water-salt metabolism and excrete salt deposits. Used with radiculitis, arthritis, gout, arthritis, rheumatism. To prepare the compress, to gather young burdock leaves, crushed, compacted in the jar, put in the sun. When inside the tank Matures the mold — the mixture is ready for use. To put the need to compress until the pain disappears.

Arthritis a compress on the joints you make with the leaves. Smooth side they impose diseased area. In parallel, it is recommended to take an alcohol tincture of burdock inside. Also helps combination of burdock root with Oman in the same proportion. In the period of exacerbation is recommended to combine the packs with a visit to the steam room. Before using burdock leaves are washed and dried. The inner part of the sheet put the oil in a thin layer. It promotes deeper penetration of nutrients. Impose on the joint paper. Food film causing unwanted sweating.

Means celandine

Celandine belongs to the poisonous herbs. Self-treatment may cause significant harm to the body.
  • A compress on the knee with the juice of the celandine helps with arthritis. Washed and dry shoots crushed with a blender or grinder, put the resulting mass in cheesecloth and squeeze. The resulting juice to lubricate the affected joint. Overlay blend reduces inflammation and pain.
  • Grind fresh celandine, fill the container 3 tbsp herbs, add a Cup of vegetable oil. To insist 14-21 days in a dark, cool place. Drain, within one month apply to the inflamed area. You can use the local massage.

Cabbage leaf

  • If the pain in your joints for the development of the limb after the fracture, apply compresses with cabbage. For this the sheet is washed, cut and apply on the affected joint. To do until then, until the pain will not go away.
  • A good tip is to use a lotion with honey and mustard. To do this, mix 1 tbsp of mustard and honey, add 3 large tablespoons of camphor oil. The mixture was applied on a cabbage leaf, is applied to the body, wrapped in a bandage, and then with a handkerchief. Hold up to 4 hours, repeat for 30 days.
  • Best recipe cabbage: mix crushed an Aspirin and honey and apply on the sheet and apply to the sore joint.

Birch compress

Steamed birch leaves is effective in patients joints. The affected area should be wrapped, protecting it from drafts. To keep during the day. The algorithm for making a healing ointment:

  1. Spread layers with a thickness of 1 cm in a clay pot birch buds and 250 g of butter.
  2. Pot cover with a lid to seal the seams of the dough.
  3. On day placed in a furnace or oven.
  4. Squeeze oil from buds, add 7 g of camphor.
  5. Mix well, rubbing the sore spot on the night.