Physiotherapy and exercises for osteoarthritis of knee joint

Physical therapy for osteoarthritis of the knee comes to the aid when the patient needs to overcome the pain and remove the symptoms of osteoarthritis. Therapeutic exercise has a specific set of exercises for the joints, which allow not only to restore the knees, but strengthen them.

osteoarthritis of the knee

Deciding to do physical therapy, be sure to consult with a specialist or exercise physiologist.

Therapeutic exercise for gonarthrosis (so called in medicine, knee arthrosis) will allow the patient to recover, if he is consistent and persistent. Combining physical therapy with physiotherapy, treatment with mud, leeches, electrophoresis, the patient has all the chances to recover his knees.

Here are some positive factors, which carries therapeutic exercise:

  • the pain subsides;
  • the joint space becomes bigger;
  • improves the flow of blood;
  • strengthen surrounding joint muscles;
  • fix problems of the spine;
  • improved function of the respiratory system.

Properly constructed exercises for the joints of the knees, which is done systematically and persistently, will help in the case when the disease crossed the 2 degree. If all the arthritis and does not pass, then progress to joint destruction will not occur. The patient will not need surgery, he will not go on disability and can return to normal life.

Physical therapy for osteoarthritis of the knee has regulations that must be followed to avoid unnecessary suffering and damage to the knee:

  1. Intense exercise must alternate with rest. The cartilage is regenerated, if the knee joint is at rest every five to six hours.
  2. Special efficiency to be gained by not loading the knee from half hour workouts, and split the time in ten-minute periods.
  3. Taken for exercise is slowly, gradually increasing the amplitude.
  4. Exercise for osteoarthritis of the knee shows three times a day for 4-6 repetitions of each movement.
  5. No need to ignore pain during exercise for patients with knee joints. Move your knee gently until a small pain.
  6. After the exercise you will certainly need to rest.

Physiotherapy for knee joints prevents complications and restores the activity of the joint. The bone is no longer deformed, because a morbid process stops. Classes should be considered comprehensively, combining exercise with gym equipment, water exercises and courses rehabilitation.

With osteoarthritis you can do on the exercise bike shown Pilates exercises, the asanas of Hatha-yoga and micro movements. It is important to do exercises for the knees under the supervision of an experienced coach. For developing muscles at the knee are used Steppers — exercise machines, working on the principle of the walk.

A set of exercises exercise therapy in osteoarthritis of the knee

Lying on back:

  1. To stretch my legs, bend my knees, to raise the foot. To stay on 5-7 seconds. To return to the starting position and repeat with the other leg.
  2. Bend the limb, extending it to the body, to freeze for 5-7 seconds. Moving lower on the floor first foot, then the knee. Same with the other leg.
  3. To simulate the motion of Cycling, alternating intensity with rest.
  4. To bend the leg, trying heels touch the buttocks muscles. To freeze, to return to the starting position and relax.
  5. Straighten both legs, lifting them to 15 degrees, to simulate the movement of the scissors in a vertical plane.

Lying on belly:

  1. Raise straight knee leg off the floor about 30 degrees, hold for a few seconds, strongly clenching his buttocks. The legs are stretched, the body is pressed to the floor. To breathe evenly. Gently drop on the floor, to repeat the mirror.
  2. To play exercise 1 in a more active mode by holding the foot in one or two seconds. This exercise for the knee joint will improve the blood circulation.
  3. To raise above the floor straight arms and legs at the same time. Try to maintain the position for 30 seconds. slowly return to the starting position. For strengthening the knee to make the exercise less simple, moving arms and legs.
  4. Bend the leg at an angle of 90, to raise and freeze for half a minute. Belly pressed to the floor, back does not bend. Gradually lower the leg, rest and repeat the mirror.
  5. To perform the previous exercise for the knees quickly, but smoothly, with interruptions for at least 2 seconds.

In the standing position:

  1. Leaning on a chair, rise on tiptoe, to stand still for 1 minute. To play it all more actively. Knees to stretch and straighten.
  2. Standing near the chair, gently roll your foot from toe to heel.
  3. Both hands to lean on the back of a chair. Alternately take direct feet in the parties.
  4. Standing sideways to the chair, to take back with one hand. To do swing alternately forward and back straight legs.

Sitting on a chair:

exercises with a chair
  1. Stretch and relax the muscles over the knee, leaving the knee stiff joints.
  2. Grabbing hold of the seat, raise the straight limb and breed them. To settle and lower.
  3. Raise legs, touch hands to floor without bending knees.
  4. Alternately tighten the abdomen one leg over the other bent at the knee.
  5. Both feet are on the floor, raise them in the direction of the width of the foot to rise from the seat, raise hand, stand two or three seconds and return to starting position.

There are contraindications for exercising when sick joints. Exercise is possible only with sustained remission. When inflamed joints, to load the knees is impossible.

There is another situation when joint exercises should not be done:

  • chronic disease in the acute phase;
  • severe injury;
  • violations of blood flow in the brain and coronary vessels;
  • fever;
  • a swollen knee;
  • diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • period after surgery;
  • hernia anywhere.

Exercise for osteoarthritis of the knee joint are prohibited if they cause sharp pain. It is forbidden to Crouch low to walk for too long and carry heavy objects, perform various jumps. When, during the exercise program worsened chronicle, you need to give it at least a week.

The holding charge and the subsequent exercise of the complex physical therapy for osteoarthritis of allows medicines to work more in the body. But not always we can afford a personal trainer or visiting the rehabilitation centre.

exercises for pain in the knees

In this case, it is not necessary to despair and just start doing exercises for the knee at home. In this case, you have to be very careful and not to do when you feel pain. The exercises must be approached carefully and at the slightest discomfort to abandon them.

Osteoarthritis begins if too hard to load the joints to be overweight or seriously damage the knee. For getting rid of pain, you need to change your attitude to health completely. Do not abuse the salt, reduce weight, not to lift weights and do therapeutic exercises.

To engage in joint exercises for osteoarthritis of knee joint is essential. In the knee, increase range of motion, reduced muscle tone, the muscles do not turn into scars. For a long period after exercise improves circulation around the joint and the destroyed cartilage. Gymnastics for the treatment of deformed knee joints not only affects the lower limbs, but also on the entire body.