How to cure arthritis

The joints of the lower extremities carries a great burden, namely, to support the weight of the body when standing, walking, bending. With age there is wear and tear of joint tissue due to the systematic stress and age-related changes. At this time begins to break down cartilage and as a result develops arthritis. How to treat osteoarthritis? What drugs can be used in treatment of the disease, as well as alternative methods of treatment will look in more detail.

treatment of osteoarthritis

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents of the old generation

To help people to get rid of unpleasant symptoms, including pain, will help NSAIDs. Especially necessary in the period of exacerbation, when symptoms increase in intensity and bring noticeable discomfort.

The main action of non-steroidal drugs to numb the pain, remove inflammation and swelling. For this reason, before you use it in the treatment of arthritis, you should consult with your doctor.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent possesses antipyretic effect. The first positive results from the use of drugs is seen 2 weeks after starting use. At the initial stage of development of arthrosis, it is advisable to use injections.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs of new generation

Fast cure osteoarthritis will help non-steroidal drugs relating to the funds of the new generation. How do they differ from all the known drugs of the old generation? First and foremost, less toxicity, better effect on gastric mucosa, as well as the possibility of applying for a long time. Despite this, the tools of the new generation may also cause adverse symptoms. It could be an allergic reaction on the skin, tachycardia, drowsiness, headache, etc.

New generation products have the highest efficiency than other anti-inflammatory medicines

Other drugs in the treatment of osteoarthritis

With the development of such diseases as osteoarthritis, is used not only painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. For example, it may be a means of contributing to the improvement of blood microcirculation in the affected joint. The drug, in addition to improving blood circulation, helps to expand blood vessels in the affected area, reduce the hypertonicity of the smooth muscle.

Also to treat arthrosis of joints is necessary in combination with drugs that contribute to improving the process of oxygen delivery to articular tissues. These include vitamins-thiamin, pyridoxine, cyanocobalamin and preparations on their basis. Thiamine (vitamin B1) is contained in cheese, hazelnuts, legumes. Pyridoxine (B6) is contained in potatoes, bananas, cabbage, carrots, eggs. Cyanocobalamin (B12 is found in liver, Brussels sprouts, greens, dairy products. You can take any vitamin preparations which contain b vitamins.

If it is not possible to Supplement the dietary intake of vitamin products, ready to drink vitamin complexes, which are prescribed by a doctor


How else can you treat arthritis? You need to use those medicines that restore destroyed cartilage. In other words, chondroprotectors. These drugs stimulate the production of lubrication in the joint and the formation of new cells of cartilage. It is for these reasons chondroprotectors – the mainstay of treatment of arthrosis and other degenerative changes in the joints.

Also specialist can prescribe taking glucocorticosteroid drugs. Such is necessary in the case that develop chronic inflammation in the joint, and the use of non-steroidal drugs does not bring noticeable relief and reduce the intensity of pain symptom.


Physical therapy, performed during development of osteoarthritis – the most important method of restoring the function of damaged joints. Systematic exercise promotes the following objectives:

  • reduced pain, return to its former mobility of the joint;
  • reducing muscle tension;
  • enhancing nutrition of joint tissues;
  • improve the overall health.

To formulate a treatment sport complex should only be a specialist. At the time of writing complex calculation taking what at what stage of the disease develops in acute or in remission. During the development of acute symptoms, you must exercises that improve blood circulation and lymph drainage in the affected area, relaxing the muscular system, reduce pain. Remission perform exercises that strengthen the musculo-ligamentous apparatus and restore its normal operation.

Performing physical therapy, you should follow some rules that will help to maximise the effectiveness of this treatment:

  • only with regular exercises you can achieve positive results, and sometimes even more than from taking medication;
  • exercises, even if arthritis affected lower limb, e.g. the knee or foot, do not forget about the correct position and posture;
  • increasing the load on the affected Department must be gradual and careful (of an energetic and forced movement will harm the already weakened joint);
  • if during the execution of physical therapy there is pain, you should stop the manipulation, but in any case not to continue it through the pain.

In any case, such a method of treatment of osteoarthritis is effective only at the initial stage of the disease when it is still possible to stop further destruction of cartilage.

how to treat osteoarthritis folk remedies

Folk remedies

Is it possible to cure arthritis folk remedies? A definite answer to this question is no. Some people are made to get rid of the disease, but only if it occurs at an early stage. To treat arthritis at home, you can use compresses. This can be chalk, which is ground into a powder, after adding kefir or fermented baked milk. After mixing is supposed to be the mass resembles the consistency of toothpaste. The resulting mixture was spread on the patient's joint, securing the top with plastic and elastic bandage. The procedure is performed at night, soaking until morning.

Another poultice can be made from thick ingens porridge, which after cooking is cooled and before going to sleep applied to the patient Department, keeping till the morning. No less efficiency has a compress from the juice of cabbage, which moisten the woolen cloth and apply on the inflamed region.

It is possible to carry out grinding of the diseased joint with alcohol, iodine and honey mixed in equal proportions. After insisting for several hours they can RUB the joint. If there is no alcohol, you can substitute fruit vinegar.

Another confricantes prepared as follows: beat 2 eggs until thick and mix with turpentine in the amount of 2 tablespoon of There also add 2 tablespoons of ammonia, mix again and leave to infuse for 30 minutes. Ready means of rubbing the diseased joint before bed.

Inside it is possible to receive infusions of medicinal components that will help to strengthen the joints. It can be an infusion of Bay leaf, which is prepared as follows: 10 g of raw pour a glass of boiling water and leave to infuse for 5 hours. Ready means use inside of a few SIPS at a time throughout the day.

Several times a year, you can pass therapy calzinirovnie cheese, which is prepared as follows: into a glass of warm milk, add 3 tsp of a 10% calcium chloride, drain, then left to stand for 2 hours. Ready means use a tablespoon spoon on a daily basis.


surgery osteoarthritis

In some cases, required surgical intervention in osteoarthritis, namely:

  • if the disease develops to 3rd stage and there is a complete breakdown of cartilage;
  • if the disease occurs in the 3rd stage, and the intake of painkillers does not bring a reduction in pain intensity, as well as the injection of strong drugs;
  • if the disease occurs on the 2nd stage, but pain syndrome is so strong that not help painkillers.

There are several methods for surgical intervention. to determine the most effective ones can only doctor. In any case should not self-medicate, and immediately contact the specialist when the first alarming symptoms.