Ankle osteoarthritis — symptoms and treatment

Ankle osteoarthritis symptoms and treatment of which is discussed in this article – the disease affects about 10% of the world population. To avoid unpleasant consequences, you need to know what is arthrosis of the ankle joints and how to treat the disease.

ankle osteoarthritis

Characteristics of the disease

Osteoarthritis is an inflammatory process that develops in articular cartilage. It causes people pain and destroys the joints. If you run the disease or treat you incorrectly, it can lead to irreversible changes and even disability.

Arthritis, as arthritis often affects people of working age.

In the musculoskeletal system there are many joints that can be affected. Particularly common osteoarthritis of the hip joints (coxarthrosis) and you want crushatron or egressionem that affects the ankle.

Deforming osteoarthritis affects the lower limbs. It the ankle joint is the most movable and performs a critical function during walking. It bears the entire body weight, provides its transfer from heel to toe and arch of the foot.

The causes of osteoarthritis of the ankle joint

There are many factors that affect the development of deforming arthrosis of the ankle joint. To provoke the disease can causes such as overweight and excessive exercise.

Often osteoarthritis of the ankle joint are prone athletes or people who are daily engaged in heavy physical labor.

There are other reasons. To cause the development of osteoarthritis may be hereditary predisposition, or bad metabolism that accompanies such diseases as gout or diabetes. Often develops osteoarthritis.

Other causes is a pinched nerve endings in the lumbar region and inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis.

The common factors are various injuries: sprains, conversus ankle. Arthrosis of the foot makes itself felt in post-traumatic period (for example, after a fracture of the ankle or the ankle).

ankle osteoarthritis symptoms

The main symptoms

To cope with osteoarthritis, it is important to make the correct diagnosis.

Here are the main symptoms that suggest that developing osteoarthritis of the foot:

  1. Constant pain during exercise, and immediately after them.
  2. Stiffness.
  3. The crunch when walking. Sometimes it seems that when moving something clicks.
  4. Swelling arising under the ankles.
  5. Due to the fact that a person begins to spare the affected leg, weakness of the joints and ligaments.
  6. Temporary stiffness of the joints during careless movements.
  7. On 2 degrees of osteoarthritis can begin as deformity of the joints.

Due to the inflammatory process that occurs as a result of the destruction of the cartilage, there is aching pain, worse at night.

The stage of the disease

Arthrosis of the left or right ankle is characterized by several stages, which are usually distinguished by x-ray pictures.

Regarding osteoarthritis of the ankle joint of 1 degree to make a correct diagnosis is possible only by x-rays. Pain in this period is almost there, and if there are, they are poorly expressed. Often the patient relieves painful sensations General weakness or slight sprain. Edema that at the first stage of arthrosis passes quickly enough, relate to circulatory problems or kidney failure.

In the second stage of osteoarthritis the tissues of the cartilage of the tibia gradually begin to crumble. The edges of the deformed ankle joints growing bone tissue. At this time already narrowed joint space, which leads to regular and quite severe pain. Swelling at that time becomes permanent. In the morning hard to get up on the leg, there is a feeling of stiffness.

In the period of third and fourth degree of arthrosis of the ankle joint cartilage and bone tissue is destroyed. This deteriorates the muscles and ligaments of the ankle joints are deformed. The pain occurs at rest, the health of the patient is reduced.

ankle osteoarthritis treatment

Methods of treatment of arthrosis of the ankle joint

Patients often the question arises, to what doctor it is necessary to treat this problem. In conventional district clinics such patients take the surgeon or the traumatologist. In large medical centers can be a special doctor who deals with diseases of the joints. The main goal of treatment is to stop the process of degeneration of tissues in the diseased joint and reduce pain.

Therapy chosen by the doctor individually. It depends on the stage of osteoarthritis of the ankle of the patient and may consist of the following activities:

  • Purpose of medications: creams, pills and other medicines.
  • Physical therapy (e.g., physical therapy).
  • The selection of diet.
  • Surgical treatment. If the disease has reached the third degree and the joint is almost destroyed, can be scheduled for surgery to the ankle with osteoarthritis. Operations also come in several types. In some cases, arthrodesis is: surface of the joint can be replaced with dentures.
  • Apply medications are divided into two groups: tools for rapid action and delayed action means. Means of the first group help to quickly relieve joint pain in acute arthritis, but irritate the gastric mucosa, therefore, to apply them can often be dangerous. The second group includes chondroprotectors. They are characterized by the fact that help to improve the synthesis of cartilage, to restore the properties of cartilage and cure arthritis.

With such diseases as osteoarthritis injections also help. Injections into muscle or into the joint cavity. For this purpose, preparations of hyaluronic acid.

It's hard to say whether you can cure the disease with the help of ointments, but they help to relieve swelling and bring the patient relief.

Good results in treatment of the disease showed additional methods such as heat, cold therapy, phonophoresis, and laser treatment.

An effective method is physical therapy. Physiotherapy plays an important role in the treatment and prevention of disease. Exercise helps to improve blood circulation and joint mobility, clean and repair the tissue. Well help swimming and water aerobics.

To do massage for osteoarthritis is also permitted. It is performed in the upward direction, and the massage must not only diseased joint, but also the entire surrounding area: the foot, shank and thigh. This holistic massage can improve the condition of the ligaments of the affected ankle joint.

Of great importance in the treatment and prevention of the disease is proper nutrition. The patient must eat more meals, which will help to strengthen the joints. A frequent guest on the table should be jellied meat, boiled in bone broth. You must enter into the diet of dairy products: yogurt, cottage cheese, fermented baked milk. Such food helps to restore damaged cartilage and build new.

Patients with arthritis need to constantly provide the body with vitamin B. It is vitamin B1, which can be found in beans, baked potatoes and whole-grain crispbreads, vitamin B2, which is found in eggs and bananas, vitamin B3, supplier which is chicken, and others. In the winter or spring season, it is useful to maintain the body and buy a good vitamin complex.

arthritis nutrition

Serious enemies of the joints is excess weight and bad habits. To prevent the deterioration of the situation, it is better to give up cigarettes and alcohol.

Even a small amount of beer at lunch can burn all the nutrients and to negate the whole effect obtained from the treatment.

Need to eat often, but small portions. The feeling of fullness comes after twenty minutes after eating, so do not neglect the advice of nutritionists to get up from the table a little hungry. Before bedtime desirable to eat.

The best results in the treatment of arthritis has a complex therapy, which is often the most effective. Must follow the doctor's recommendations, to monitor the body weight, and promptly correct violations of metabolism.

A feasible exercise, fresh air and healthy food will help to strengthen the joints. You should try to avoid injuries and promptly treat colds. If you take care of your joints and protect them, they will never let you down!