Why joint pains: causes and treatment

Their role is to perform two functions: support and propulsion.

The human body contains a large number of them, each of the joints responsible for a certain area. They are used for a movable connection of bones. The structure of the joint is like a hinge and consists of:

Structura artus
  • cavity which is a space in the form of a gap filled with synovial fluid;
  • capsule, consisting of connective tissue;
  • surface that has one side convex, the other – shaped hole;
  • the synovial fluid that serves to moisten and lubricate the surfaces;
  • cartilage that covers the surface of the bone;
  • ligaments and muscles, which fix the bone.

Causes of pain in the joints

Why aching joints? One of the main reasons is poor blood circulation in the lining of the joint.

The second reason why joint pains, linked to nutrition. Products used in food do not contain the required number of trace elements that the body needs to work properly to all the organs and systems.

The third reason why joint pains, leads a sedentary lifestyle.

Pain in body and joints

It often happens that the body is aching and there is pain in joints when weather changes or after exercise, and in some cases the pain occurs in a quiet state for unknown reasons.

Why sore body and joints? Here are some reasons:

  • Physical tension. Under heavy loads this kind of pain occurs due to the significant consumption of substances of bone tissue and disruption of metabolic processes.
  • The excess body weight. Pain provoking a lot of stress on the joints and violation of the metabolic process in bone tissue due to the severity of the body. Treatment of bones does not give the desired result until it is eliminated overweight.
  • Age. In the elderly joint system suffers senile changes. Thinning bones lose fibrillar protein, which is the basis of connective tissue and provides them flexibility and strength, there is a lack of calcium and other minerals. All this leads to pain in the bones.
  • Other reasons. These include various injuries, blood diseases, malignant and benign bone tumors, ailments associated with immune system disorders, infection, purulent bone process, allergies, the use of hormones. These illnesses disrupt tissue bones, resulting in pain.


For the successful treatment of the joints is necessary to make a correct diagnosis. After you pinpoint the causes of the painful condition the doctor prescribes the therapy, which aims to eliminate the origins of the disease. Why aching joints and how to treat? In such diseases, you must first normalize the metabolism and to establish the nutrition for bones, because these factors cause joint pain. To restore the metabolism should:

  • to adjust the power;
  • enter dietary supplements containing components of bone tissue;
  • the use of chondro protector;
  • to take vitamin complexes.

In diseases of the bones of the legs power adjustment necessary. The most important thing is to get rid of excess weight. Should follow a diet and follow the correct consumption of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Portions should be reduced and make the food more often dinner should be 4 hours before bedtime.

The additional use of biological additives improve the nutrition of bones and joints, and will help to establish in them the metabolism. With prolonged use it purposely relieves pain in the joints. Chondroprotectors have a long period, restore and nourish the tissue. Most of them are based on glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate.

Why it hurts the hip joint?

The hip is the largest joint in the human body, can withstand the brunt while driving, so does he often have pain. There are many risk factors that affect pain:

  • the load of the physical nature;
  • inflammation in the joints or tissues;
  • congenital abnormalities;
  • harmful conditions in the workplace;
  • anomalous lifestyle;
  • pregnancy;
  • his advanced age.

There are three categories of reasons why it hurts the hip joint:

  1. Pathologic changes (inflammation, degeneration, trauma).
  2. Incorrect position of the head joint in relation to depression.
  3. Abnormality of tissues and organs that are near it.

Six reasons of the occurrence of pain in the hip joint:

  • Dislocations are congenital and acquired. The mobility of the feet is retained, but when driving there is a pain.
  • Subluxations – the symptoms are the same as in dislocation, but less pronounced.
  • Dysplasia – abnormal anatomy of the hip joint in newborns.
  • A hip fracture is poorly treated. Most often it affects elderly people.
  • Inflammation (synovial, bursitis, arthritis).
  • Pregnancy. With the increase of the fetus increases the load on the hip joint, in addition, the mother's body reduces the amount of calcium that takes away the growing baby.

Why aching joints of the hands and feet?

The symptoms of the feet and hands determine the nature of pain. It is a mechanical incendiary.

Mechanical is characterized by:

  • increasing pain syndrome to the evening;
  • severe pain after exertion of a physical nature;
  • whining pain at rest;
  • the pain occurs at the beginning of the movement.

Inflammatory occurs:

  • stiffness of certain parts of the hands and feet in the morning;
  • pain increasing at night and in the morning hours; during the movement the pain symptoms are reduced;
  • when taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs pain subside.

Joint pain of hands and feet accompanied by various manifestations. The reason for its occurrence is determined by additional symptoms:

  • the limited movement of the hands and feet;
  • stiffness of the limbs;
  • swelling in the joints of the hands and feet with the body;
  • redness on the skin and fever;
  • fever and General weakness;
  • skin lesions on the trunk, arms and legs;
  • various manifestations in other organs.

Based on the indicators that accompany the pain in the joints of the limbs, the doctor determines the cause of the disease and prescribes treatment.

A list of the most frequent causes of diseases of the joints of the hands and feet:

  1. Osteoarthritis – a disease of cartilage and bone tissue. Mechanical pain of the acute inflammation occurs.
  2. Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease associated with the immune system. The pain is inflammatory in nature.
  3. Reactive arthritis – inflammation caused as a result of infection of other organs.
  4. Infectious arthritis is manifested in the result of contact with germs in the joint.
  5. Fractures and injuries of ligament Damage.
  6. Rheumatic diseases.
  7. Gout – deposition of salts in the joints.
  8. Psoriatic arthritis is often manifested in the form of dermatitis in the bends of extremities.

Pain can be caused neurologic, and vascular diseases. The final diagnosis set by the doctor.

Knee pain

The knee has a complex structure, every day performs many movements and can withstand heavy loads of the body. Why hurt knees, to reveal only the physician and the preliminary diagnosis is established on the basis of complaints and visual inspection. Pain in the knee are the result of the following diseases:

Dolor in corpus et artus
  1. Osteoarthritis of the hip.
  2. Miniscope. While knee injuries often damaged menisci, cartilage is composed of layers.
  3. Arthritis of any origin having the inflammatory nature of the infection.
  4. Gout. Knee appear dense subcutaneous education.
  5. Inflammation of the tendons - damaged soft tissue.
  6. Poor circulation and venous congestion occur because of varicose veins, thrombosis and blood clot phlebitis. This just explains, why at night aching joints (knee). Often, these problems occur in women during menopause.
  7. Disease in the joint capsule.
  8. Rarely harm the region joints, often in it there are metastases.

The pain in my knees is not necessarily a cause of serious diseases, but consult a doctor is necessary.

Pain in the shoulder joint

Pain in shoulder joint often occur in people involved in professional sports, are overweight and those whose age more than 30 years. In some cases, shoulder pain provoking disease of other internal organs (cancer of the chest, liver disease, heart disease and radiculitis in the neck).

The main reasons why it hurts the shoulder joint:

Genu dolorem
  • narrowing of the joint of the shoulder;
  • a torn tendon or rotator cuff;
  • the deposition of salts or the occurrence of inflammation in the tendons of the cuff;
  • disease wearing neurotically character (paralysis, paresis, neuropathy, spinal cord injury);
  • between the vertebrae herniation in the cervical-thoracic;
  • damage to the tendons of the muscles of the shoulder joint;
  • inflammatory processes in the joints (arthrosis and arthritis).

Pain of any kind you should consult with your orthopedist-traumatologist, to find out the reason and obtain, if necessary, appropriate treatment.

Pain in the elbow joint

The elbows of a person are subjected to high loads and therefore, are often injured, furthermore, their joints and muscles can occur inflammatory processes. Reasons why sore elbow joints, a lot, but the most common are the following:

  • arthritis when affects the elbow joint infection, Allergy or autoimmune disease;
  • osteoarthritis leads to the damage of the elbow joint, destroying all of his anatomical structure;
  • epicondylitis is accompanied by inflammation of ligaments in the place of their attachment to the humerus;
  • trauma elbow – inflammation due to bruises, sprains and fractures;
  • bursitis is the concentration of the liquid in the bags of the joint capsule.

If you experience pain for right diagnosis is necessary to consult doctors in several specialties: neurologist, neurosurgeon,rheumatologist and traumatologist.

Pain in the fingers

Dolore in digitis

The risk for pain in the fingers are people whose work is associated with a machine writing or fine motor skills. Reasons for sore finger joints, are different. The pain always appears in the result of the defeat of the joints and tissues near them. The weakness of the fingers, over time, leads to the restriction of their mobility and deformation. Factors that increase the risk of developing diseases that cause joint pain fingers the following:

  • a weak immune system;
  • infection into a chronic;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • the metabolic disorders;
  • individual predisposition;
  • carpal injury;
  • long-term adverse production circumstances.

Pain may occur in diseases of the spine, compression of the blood vessels, inflammation of the nervous plexus of the shoulder. Why aching joints of the hands. The exact cause can only be set by the physician.

For the prevention of diseases of the joints should lead an active life, to diet, to eat foods that contain macronutrients to supply bone tissue.