Knee osteoarthritis: treatment and symptoms

Inflammation, destruction and deformity of cartilage of the knee is osteoarthritis (deforming osteoarthritis). The disease is of a chronic degenerative nature, accompanied by pain syndromes of varying strength. If pathology is not treated, it can come to the loss of functionality of the knees and complete his immobilization.

osteoarthritis of the knee

What is osteoarthritis of the knee

The disease has several different names that characterize its essence. The term "osteoarthritis" is used in the localization of the pathological process directly in the knee. The diagnosis "arthrosis deformans" reflects the state of the cartilage of the knee with the existing changes on its surface, ligaments, muscles. They have changed the configuration, begin atrophic processes.

Based on the above, knee osteoarthritis is the thinning of cartilage. He cracks and loses its damping properties, does not mitigate the friction of the knees and the body during movement. Deformation of the knee joint develops gradually. The patient passes three degrees of the disease. To avoid future disability, it is important at the first symptoms, consult a doctor and start treatment.

1 degree

This pathology is characterized by easy flow, positive predictions of treatment. Osteoarthritis of the knee 1st degree does not occur in one day. Disease of the right or left knee developed over the years, and the first symptoms people are often blamed on fatigue. Osteoarthritis occurs due to loss of elasticity of cartilage. In the first stage the observed narrowing of the joint space, sharpening of edges), the softening of the cartilage, a small limitation.

2 degrees

In the second stage, patients are already starting treatment because early symptoms are usually ignored. Osteoarthritis of the knee 2nd degree is characterized by a significant destruction of the cartilage, formation of bone growths, the presence of synovial fluid. X-ray shows narrowing of articular fissure, induration of the bone, the violation of the hinge structure. Knee gonarthrosis of the second stage is difficult to ignore, because there is a long and morning stiffness, in which the bend of the limb is difficult.

3 degrees

For gonarthrosis of the third stage of the sore knee is red, swollen, it looks deformed. This fact indicates the safety of the patient, as a comprehensive treatment of the pathology in stage 1 and 2 leads to recovery without consequences. Osteoarthritis of the knee 3 degrees too it is possible to heal, even with the rapid progression. Disease manifests itself acute pain at rest, claudication, leg ceases to bend. X-ray images show that the joint space is completely absent, the cartilage area affected by multiple sclerosis, there is a deposition of salts.

causes of osteoarthritis

The causes of osteoarthritis of the knee

A single cause does not happen. Developing osteoarthritis of the knees by a combination of factors that lead to the defeat of the cartilage. The mechanisms of exacerbation of pathology is divided into primary, which occurs with natural aging of tissues, and secondary, which manifests itself after injury. Other causes of knee arthritis:

  • surgery to remove the meniscus;
  • abnormal metabolism;
  • weight;
  • arthritis;
  • strong stress on the knees;
  • sprains, fractures or severe bruises of the knee.


The first sign of disease is a slight pain in knees when walking. Without treatment, osteoarthritis of the knee makes itself felt pain after prolonged sitting, swelling, crunching during movement. The deflected cartilage starts to crack when walking, the patient is difficult to bend a limb. At hyperarts (progressive disease) the pain becomes intense, localizes within the knee. The main symptoms of osteoarthritis of the knee:

  • inflammatory changes in the synovial membrane, leading to swelling and increased cartilage;
  • reducing the mobility of the knee;
  • the intense pain.


To cure the disease with some only scheme will not work. When planning therapeutic tactics, the physician should consider the condition and age of the patient, the stage and severity of the disease, the degree of deformation of the cartilage. Effective treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee is a long process, including medical and manual therapy, diet, acupuncture, massage, physiotherapy, physical therapy, alternative methods (hirudotherapy, ozokerite, etc.). The doctors only in extreme cases is treated with surgery. Treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee is:

treatment of osteoarthritis
  • reducing the load on the knee with orthopedic knee braces, canes;
  • the use of drugs: NSAIDs, chondroprotectors, glucocorticoid hormones;
  • surgical treatment: hip replacement, osteotomy, arthroscopy, arthrolysis.


An effective way to treat osteoarthritis is to repair the damaged cartilage. This can be done with the help of medical drugs group chondroprotectors'. They in their composition contain glucosamine and chondroitin, which are active components. Glucosamine is an indispensable material for the synthesis of cartilage, has anti-inflammatory action, removes edemas.

Chondroitin sulfate improves calcium and phosphorus metabolism, allowing the articular tissue is endowed with elasticity. Drugs for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee available in tablets, ointments, gels, powders, injections for injections. To be treated should be not less than six months, and positive results appear not earlier than in 3 months.

Folk remedies

If knee osteoarthritis is not much running, you can try to cure it alternative methods. How to treat arthrosis of the knee with the help of popular recipes? Proven means of ferrite magnet. It's easy to get from the radio and massaged the sore spot for 20 minutes 2 times a day. After this therapy, many patients stopped the pain without antibiotics and other medicines. Treatment of a knee folk remedies can be carried out using:

  1. Apple cider vinegar. Add in a glass of water 2 tbsp homemade vinegar and drink three times a day.
  2. Of sunflower oil. Heat 2 tbsp oil, rubbed on the night in the affected area until improvement occurs.
  3. Burdock. Tear and dry 7 leaves of the plant, fold the pile velvety side down. Put the leaves in a pot of boiling water. Lubricate the knee with sunflower oil, put a hot pile of burdock leaves, wrap with cellophane, and secure with a woolen scarf.

Osteoarthritis of the knee treatment at home

If diagnostics have identified the pathology of the first or second degree, the treatment may be carried out at home. Treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee joint at home on the correction power, the complex of therapeutic exercises (physical therapy), massage and compresses. To relieve pain the doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory medication. A full recovery can count people 50 -60 years. Age-related destructive changes in the elderly 70-90 years of medicine not to stop.

Massage at home


To alleviate pain and relieve muscle tension in the knee using massage. He held several techniques: shiatsu, Russian, Finnish. Independently perform the massage of the knee with osteoarthritis after receiving recommendations from an experienced masseur. Massage should be 25 minutes a day:

  • sit on the bed, straighten the affected leg;
  • stroking the knee in opposite directions with two hands.
  • RUB fingers on the lateral surface of the knee joint;
  • RUB your palms back and forth on the sides of the knee;
  • the pads of your thumbs in a circular motion RUB the lateral areas of the knee;
  • massage, deep pressing of the nameless, the index and middle fingers;
  • after carefully and gently Pat the knees.


To keep the joints in working condition, you should balance the intake of mineral substances, trace elements and VIGILATE. Diet for osteoarthritis includes the rejection of fast food, smoked meat, fatty meat products, animal fats. You should also reduce consumption of chocolate, sweets, meat products, soups on meat broth. The diet need:

  • cheese, cheese;
  • vegetable and mushroom soups;
  • fresh vegetables, fruits;
  • fish, dairy products;
  • butter, vegetable oil;
  • all cereals except semolina and white rice.
prevention of osteoarthritis


To avoid wear and tear of the joints, should regularly exercise. Suitable walking, Cycling, swimming. Prevention of osteoarthritis belongs to the correction weight, because extra pounds increase the likelihood of developing the disease. The progression of osteoarthritis promotes wearing uncomfortable shoes (stilettos, high heel is unstable).