Treat knee pain at home – effectively and simply

The main causes of pain:

  1. osteoarthritis of the knee. The disease is not inflammatory in nature, and in its course affects the articular cartilage that eventually leads to deformation;
  2. arthritis. We are talking about inflammation of the joint which can be chronic or acute;
  3. the results of various injuries;
  4. age-related changes in the structure of the joints;
  5. pathology from birth;
  6. the presence of excess weight;
  7. problems with the metabolism;
  8. chronic diseases, such as rheumatism;
  9. autoimmune diseases;
  10. the presence of tumors.
Important! Pain arises as a result of degenerative processes. Because of this, there is a buildup of fluid in the joint produces little natural lubrication, a pinched nerve and happen other troubles.

When squatting and standing up

The appearance of the symptom may indicate one of the reasons:

Nos tractare dolor in genua ad domum
  • the injury (treatment aimed at reducing swelling and pain relief);
  • arthritis (prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs, chondroprotector);
  • osteoarthritis (nonsteroidal means in parallel with the ointments and gels);
  • bursitis (used non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics);
  • gout (reduced metabolism);
  • disease Osgood-Hatter.

If this symptom appears suddenly, it is necessary to ensure patient rest, reduce the load, make a cold compress. You can tie the knee with an elastic bandage if the pain is strong enough.

In children

Pain in knees in children can occur for the following reasons:

  • excess body weight;
  • abnormal development of the knee joint;
  • great exercise (long bike riding, running);
  • the stretching and tearing injury;
  • the offset, pinched nerve;
  • anomalies of the patella, menisci.

The basis for the pain the child is overload, acute injury, congenital malformations of the structure.

During exercise

To avoid such cases, it is necessary to clearly distribute physical loads, the selection of exercises to engage the instructor. You should try knee not to put in the wrong position. If, unfortunately, it has already happened, use the suggested recipe:

  • 1 tbsp fennel seeds pour 200 ml of boiling water and cook for 10 minutes. Within weeks of drinking the broth hot;
  • 1 tbsp dry shredded bark and leaves of willows pour 200 ml of boiling water, taken 30 minutes 3 times a day 1/2 Cup in the next two months.

But folk remedies can be used only in conjunction with the main treatment.


When walking

The most common is knee pain when walking up the stairs, but for many, even a simple walk can cause severe discomfort. Such sign meets several diseases (Baker's cyst, osteoarthritis, infectious arthritis, diseases of the synovial Bursa, tendonitis, osteomyelitis, osteochondritis). In any case, the pain when walking is indicative of a serious pathological process, which urgently need to go to the hospital. The correct treatment can be prescribed by a doctor, getting x-rays of the limb and test results.

During pregnancy

Many women in the period of carrying a child worried about pain in my knees. Most often it occurs for several reasons: lack of vitamin D, the increased load that occurs due to the increase in body weight, the increased level of the hormone relaxin. Urgently need to contact a doctor if the pain is accompanied by high temperature and does not disappear for more than a day even after a good rest.

Treatment a pregnant woman must appoint a physician. To reduce the risk of this kind of discomfort:

  • follow a proper diet, watch the weight gain;
  • take a multivitamin;
  • try not to put your feet up the walk, after 28 weeks of wearing a bandage;
  • do a gentle massage of the joints, wear comfortable shoes.

What kind of doctor treats

Knee pain can occur in osteoarthritis, Baker's cyst, disease Osgood-Hatter, dislocation, fracture, dissecting osteochondritis, infections of the skin and joints, shift, sciatica. All these diseases belong to different spheres, and therefore diagnosis and treatment are doctors:

  • massage therapist;
  • chiropractor;
  • rheumatologist;
  • traumatology;
  • podiatrist;
  • physiotherapist.

Treatment of pain in knees at home

The yolk and turpentine

For preparing ointments taken the yolk of chicken eggs. Mixed with a small spoonful of turpentine. Also need to add to the mix a large spoonful of Apple cider vinegar. After rubbing tools to the localization of the pain to rewind woolen scarf.

Kerosene and potatoes

If the pain is severe, it will help the mixture from a large spoon of aviation kerosene and RUB (not necessary to clean) potatoes. After cooking medium directly applied on the knee and not roll up. Leave for 15 minutes, then remove and knee wipe with a dry cloth. To do each evening before retiring for the night already dry place to wrap a woolen scarf. This method is fraught with burns, it can be dangerous.

Fresh nettle leaves

This popular method involves the impact on the foot and not the knee. But in the feet there are many active points which are responsible for the health of the organism as a whole. Need in Slippers two sizes to your usual, putting fresh leaves of nettles. And walk, changing the sheets three times a day. Carry out the procedure every day for 30 days.


Gelatin when treatment is used externally and the film:

  1. Compress. Fold the cheesecloth into several layers and dip in hot water to warm, then squeeze out the water and into the middle pour 1 tsp of gelatin and attach to the sore knee wrap on top of baking soda and a Terry towel or woolen scarf, and secure with a bandage. To perform the procedure within 2 weeks before bed.
  2. Infusion on the water. Pour over a bag of gelatin 500 ml water and allow to infuse for the night, since morning put on the fire and melt everything down to the smallest particles. During the month drink 30 minutes before eating, stir in half with juice or compote.

Triple Cologne

necesse est, ut clare distribuere corporalis operatio

This popular method of treatment pain in the knee is that triple Cologne to mix with Valerian from the pharmacy (liquid form). Add six tablets analgin and one vial of hydrocortisone. Get effective mixture for grinding.

Golden mustache

If you look at the book of HLS, there is pain in my knees at home, is recommended to treat Golden mustache. Crushed 15 leaves of grass and filled with 0,2 l of vodka. Leave to infuse for two weeks then use for grinding.

Camphor oil

It often happens that the camphor oil is used for arthritis: 2 tbsp oil mixed with 1 tbsp. of honey, mix and spread the mixture on fresh cabbage leaves. Attach to the sore spot and fix a bandage. Leave the compress on for 3-4 hours, not more.

For treatment of joints, use this recipe:

  1. To take equal amounts of camphor oil and tinctures horse chestnut, with the mixture to spread a piece of rye bread and apply on the affected area.
  2. Then secure the bandage. The procedure is done before bedtime.

Iodine and Cologne

Another good mixture for rubbing the patient's knee can be prepared on the basis of eau de Cologne, 10 tablets analgin' (to grind) and 50 ml of iodine. Stir and leave for 3 days.

Yogurt and bread

In half-liter jar pour the yogurt (filled to brim). Crumble the bread and add a small spoon of baking soda. Bank five hours to send in a dark place, then strain and squeeze the liquid. Based on the wrung of the liquid to make compresses for the night. The pain should pass within a few days of the procedure.

Honey mustard

In the same amount is taken the honey, mustard, liquid, salt and soda. Mix all the ingredients and ointment to lubricate the knee. Then wrap the knee with polyethylene. Keep the compress for the night. Minimum treatment course – 4 treatments or more depending on the nature of the pain.


A very simple way, when the wool is plentifully moistened with 5% solution of iodine. Attach to the knees and tight re bandaged. Sometimes, a burning sensation becomes very strong, then compress better off. Otherwise, this compress leave until complete disappearance of pain.


Remember that gymnastic exercises should not cause discomfort:

    Mel et sinapi
  1. lying on stomach, extend hands along the body, feet to keep straight, raise each leg without bending it at the knee and hold 40 seconds (once);
  2. to perform the same exercise, only to repeat 15 times each leg lift to reduce the holding time to 2 seconds (40, 38, 36, 34...);
  3. to take the starting position and bend your right leg, forming 90 degree angle at a height of 10 cm, leave for 30 seconds to do the same and left leg;
  4. to perform the same as above, but the legs hold for 2 seconds;
  5. lie on your right side and bend your right leg, lift your left leg 45 degrees from the floor and hold for 30 seconds, take a little break and perform same lying on your left side;
  6. to sit on a chair, slowly straighten the leg, reaching the maximum result slowly raise it and stay in this position for 40 seconds, rest for a few minutes and do this exercise with the other leg;
  7. while standing, rise up on tiptoes and to stand for 50 seconds;
  8. this same exercise do 10 reps, but to stand on toes for 2 seconds;
  9. spread thighs massaged (every 4-5 minutes).

What to use treatment for pain in knees at home, each person decides depending on the currently available ingredients. The pain should go away or diminish after a few treatments. If not, then folk remedy for treatment is best to change.