Arthritis is an inflammation of the joint, and arthrosis is the degenerative changes of the articular cartilage and growth of bone tissue. The deformation occurs due to wear of the cartilage. Disease arthritis took a massive for several reasons. First, it is the aging of the population. Secondly, it is the progression of the disease without showing obvious signs, causing the joints methodically and almost imperceptible to humans are destroyed, yet the disease does not declare itself in full voice.


Causes of osteoarthritis

To understand the mechanism of recovery of the joints, you need to understand the reasons that led to the destruction of cartilage. Scientists have linked decreases the ability of cartilage to restore permanent and long-term occurs with metabolic disorders. Spike shaped bone growth occurs from an excess of uric acid and its salts due to partial collapse of the nitrogen components. This is the root cause of bone growth. Therefore, you should start with diet.

Diet for osteoarthritis

For efficient decomposition of nitrogen-compounds in the body, you must restrict their dietary intake. Should abandon fatty pork, animal fat, liver, sausage, salami, sardines, sprats and herring. Limit use of canned foods, sweets and spicy foods. You must drink at least 2.5 liters of water (or 30 ml per 1 kg of body weight), significantly reduce the amount of salt, and to eat more cereals, cooked in water, fruits and vegetables, especially apples and cabbage, in which uric acid is absent. The group of vitamins A, D, maintains the balance of essential mineral salts in the body.

At the initial stage of the disease not the medication effectively, so it is important to stick to your diet and monitor their weight.



In case of arthrosis of the joints of the feet should not be Jogging. When running there is an increase in stress on the joints, is five times greater than the weight of a person (weighing 70 kg it will be 350 kg). Therefore, to strengthen the muscles, you should choose the sports in which one movement flows into the other. Especially useful for swimming and Cycling, in which the joint training, but the vertical load feels.

Effectively exercise the "goose" step – walking with bent knees when in the lower position the drumstick and thigh are touching. A useful exercise is down on the heels on his knees.


It is recommended to do massage twice a day by pinching and stroking the knee from the periphery to the center. Helps massage with honey.

Herbal medicine

For the treatment of diseases of the joints of the feet are recommended in decoction as a compress of the following plants: birch leaves, grass mother and stepmother, leaves, Jerusalem artichoke, hay dust, etc. as well to help clay, Shilajit, bischofite.

Uses for rubbing alcohol tincture of fly agaric, elder flowers, Melilotus officinalis, lilac, marigold, etc.

The treatment of joint disease requires a comprehensive approach. It is a diet and weight reduction, physiotherapy and medication, the use of medicinal plants to grind and ingestion, massage, and physio treatments. And if cope fails you should know about extreme – endoprosthesis of joints, when a person receives, in fact, second life.