Treatment of joints with salt. The deposition of salts in the joints: the treatment of folk remedies

Periarthritis doctors call salt deposits in the shoulder joint. Treatment for this disease can be medication and with the help of folk remedies that are often much more affordable. Mostly this disease occurs in workers who often perform the rotation of the shoulder on a large radius or with a voltage raise one arm up. To perform such movements invested a lot of force, and frequent repetition of their suffering tissue located around the joint. In such situations, and the deposition of salts.

Causas humerum

Causes gonartroz

Gonarthrosis doctors call a salt buildup in the knee joint. The treatment of this disease can be carried out with the help of folk remedies – salt. This disease provokes impaired metabolism or failure of blood circulation in the tissues. Also it can lead endocrine disease, micro trauma, being overweight or heavy load on the joint.

How unique is the salt?

Salt is considered to be white death, but many years of practice it denies. After all, in the distant times of war were treated the joints with salt. Then the cloth, liberally soaked in the hypertonic solution was applied on the infected wound. The effect of the solution applied to the entire wound, he penetrated into the bone tissue, and this prevented further infection. Salt has absorbent properties, which is absorbed by the tissues of excess fluid. And most importantly, that damage living cells is not applied.

The healing properties of sea salt

Treatment of joints salt can be carried out using a 10 percent solution of sea salt. Even a solution of 10:1 is considered active absorbent, which patients use externally. This patch is good because it applies to the entire surface, where it is imposed.

Causas gonarthrose

How does salt

Treatment of joints with salt involves the imposition of hypertensive bandage to inflammation place. Thereafter, the interaction of saline solution and the skin. This absorbs the liquid surface layer. After the leather cover starts to climb the interstitial fluid. Of fabric, namely from its underlying layers, removes viruses, germs and other harmful substances that negatively affect muscles and bones. If this kind of compress to use for a long time, the harmful bacteria, which develops a pathological process, will be destroyed.

Solution preparation

Quite common disease is the deposition of salts in the joints. Treatment of folk remedies often highlights salt solutions. This method already tested by many years and quite effective. But how to prepare the salt solution, so as not to harm? Much better if cooking is used table or sea salt. It is good that does not cause allergies. Do not use flavored salt or with natural oils, again to avoid an allergic reaction. It is also not recommended to use sea source or artesian water.

Sanitatem mare salis

To prepare the composition, you will need warm water with a temperature below 65 degrees). To prepare the dressing you can take gauze, bandages or linen fabric. The gauze needs to be folded a maximum of 8 times, and tissue – maximum of 4 times. It should be noted that contraindicated the use of polyethylene, because during the treatment the skin must be access of air.

To ensure the treatment of the joints with salt, should be applied to affected area with a wet compress. This rolled gauze should be dipped in the solution for several minutes, then with your fingers to get rid of the resulting bubbles of air between the layers of the bandage, and then fasten wet bandage on the body with a bandage. The poultice is allowed to keep on the body is not more than 12 hours. With the help of this tool you can provide yourself with a salt treatment of the knee joint.

How to put a bandage on the knee?

When the treatment has been made the maximum effect, preferably a bandage with salt to apply himself to the knee joint, and adjacent areas of the skin near the knee. So therapy is useless, you need to continue treatment for 2-3 weeks.

Treatment dry salt

Sometimes it happens that deposited salt in the shoulder joint. Treatment wet dressing in this case is not very comfortable. So as to rewind the shoulder brings only discomfort, and the treatment is minimal. Therefore, you can use a dry warm salt. Coarse salt is initially heated in the pan, then pour into a bag and applied to the affected joint until cool, and then the procedure is repeated.

Recipes salt mixes

  1. The tool allows salt to treat the knee. For its preparation will need 1 tablespoon of salt, preferably fine, and melt the fat (100 g). These ingredients are mixed, after which the resulting ointment is applied on the affected area and leave for half an hour. This procedure must be repeated 3-5 times a week.
  2. Curatio arida sal
  3. To relieve inflammation and soothing of the pain you can use a mixture of flour and salt. For preparing this medicine need to mix two ingredients in equal proportions. Then add to the mixture a little bit water to knead the dough, which should be cool. The resulting pellet is applied on the aching joint and to withstand so 2-3 hours. To obtain the desired effect it is necessary to repeat the procedure daily for 2-3 weeks.
  4. Another recipe is a perfect remedy against the strain of the joints. To prepare it, mix a Cup of salt in half a liter of brandy and there to cut a few pods of hot pepper. The resulting mixture should be stirred daily for weeks. To use for compresses. When applying the compress, you need to lubricate the affected skin area with vegetable oil. Then moistened with cheesecloth to wring out and attach on the deformed joint with a bandage. Remove the gauze need a couple of hours.

As a conclusion

One of the serious problems is the accumulation of salts in the joints. Treatment of folk remedies can help in this case, but you should consider some rules not to make things worse. So, in the application salt necessary to decrease its ingestion. But this does not mean that it should be excluded from the diet.

In folk medicine there are many recipes using salt, nobody forbids to try for yourself, mostly because they bring only benefits. But keep in mind that before using any medication you need to consult with a specialist, because only he can make the correct diagnosis and prescribe the treatment that will be most effective.