Why aching joints of the legs — causes and treatment

Along with the major joints are also affected small joints, such as: between phalanx, plusno-phalanx, ante Tarsum-plusno, tarano-have and calcaneal-cuboid. In recent years, the incidence of lower limb increased, so the information about pain in the joints of the feet causes and treatment become important popular among the bulk of patients.

Cur nocere crus artus

The list of reasons

When the problem starts with the joints, all refer to age. This is the wrong tactic! Because age-related changes occur in all the joints, and in other cases it involved one or two (or more) of the articular structures, affecting patients regardless of age and gender. Conventionally, these reasons can be divided into three large groups: genetic, congenital and acquired.

When aching joints in the feet and swollen joints causes of a disease is:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • congenital abnormalities of the connective, muscle, bone and cartilage;
  • infection-inflammatory diseases of organs and systems;
  • increased allergic background;
  • endocrine pathology (diabetes, autoimmune diffuse goiter, acromegaly, adrenal lesions, impaired secretion of sex hormones and pathology of the pituitary gland);
  • injury of musculoskeletal system (crash, falls, bruises, contusion, open and closed injuries, injuries of the cranium with damage to the cerebellum, pituitary gland + CNS);
  • poisoning of the body (toxic chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, paint products, food products);
  • hypothermia or Hyper thermal impact on the healthy human body;
  • irradiation (ultraviolet or radioactive rays).
  • chronic diseases (pyelonephritis, urolithiasis, chronic renal failure, rheumatism, hepatitis, meningitis, multiple sclerosis);
  • post verbera and post-infarction complications;
  • complications after surgery and purulent infections;
  • male or female menopause;
  • violation of metabolic processes;
  • elezni of blood of cancer metastasis.
Important! To the pathology of the joints, especially joints of lower extremities involved in high physical activity with weight lifting and long walking, running + constant vertical posture of the human body related to professional activities.

Causes of pain in the joints of the feet and the principles of its treatment – it will become clear after laboratory and instrumental studies and therapeutic strategy will be determined only after the joint inspection traumatologist, surgeon, rheumatologist or endocrinologist.

Some facts

In addition to these reasons, aching joints and swollen feet, not only because of infectious, inflammatory plus destructive process, they can bother even a completely healthy person. For example: tourists, climbers, sportsmen, surgeons, bakers, miners, sellers and other people whose profession is associated with the vertical position of the body) the joints of the feet are constantly sick. Children of any age (from 1.5 years to adulthood), characterized by pain in all joints, they are puberty, it is the total hormonal stability.

Adolescents and the elderly often sore big toe joint on the foot, the cause may be halus valgus. Because of this destruction of the joint capsule causes pain, limitation of motion plus problems with wearing shoes. Treatment in this case, only operational. Pregnant women also characterized by pain in the legs or feet + pain thumbs, after birth, the situation stabiliziruemost and pain disappear forever.


Each pathology with regard to locomotor organs, has its reasons, but the symptoms are almost identical. The main difference or differential diagnosis is laboratory and instrumental studies + manifestation of opportunistic diseases.

Symptomatic complex clinical manifestations of pathologies of musculoskeletal structures made up of:

  • pain syndrome, the degree of which depends on the depth of defeat, the accession of infection, hormonal levels, General condition or immune response;
  • changes of anatomical parameters: swelling, increase joint due to the destruction of bones, cartilage, connective tissue, tendons;
  • limitations of the biomechanical functions (under certain pathologies after treatment motor ability, completely or partially, rehabilitation, and in other cases, the body remains paralyzed for life);
  • difficulties to move with fatigue of body;
  • deterioration of the General condition in germ complications in the form of raising the temperature to 37-38 degrees, gagging, gag reflex, loss of appetite + a swoon.

What actions are in pain in the legs?

If the aching joints of the legs, what to do in the first place? All therapeutic actions depend on the reason causing the pain. In the case where the diagnosis is clear, you need to take analgesics, non-steroidal drugs + vitamins of group B. When an unknown diagnosis, the best option to go to the clinic for an appointment in traumatologist or doctor. Find out why only laboratory and instrumental. After passing General blood tests + urine tests, biochemical blood tests, x-rays, MRI, ultrasound or CT scan – it is possible to draw a General picture and to establish the correct diagnosis with accurate scheme of medical or surgical treatment.

Quid faciam ad usque pervenit.
Attention! When injuries with contusions, closed, or open fractures plus breaks the meniscus immediately call an ambulance! Do not attempt to fight the pain by painkillers or people's recipes – this can lead to complications and disability.

What to do until the ambulance arrived?

The best option to eliminate the pain syndrome in the legs and other joints is the impact on the main factor causing the pain. Symptomatic therapy will eliminate her for a certain time. In parallel with analgesics need medication that affects factors such as: increased concentrations of purines for gout , high titer antigen-antibodies in rheumatoid arthritis (administered immunosuppressants). When the intoxication of organism inflammation is destructive substances, that is, if the osteoarthritis are assigned non-steroidal or hormonal drugs . The action of these drugs is only temporary, until the arrival of the ambulance in some measure support the General condition stable.

Specific actions and activities of the patient with pain:

  • Immobilization (fixation) of a joint or joints tie an elastic material.
  • Local anesthesia, gels or ointments based on strong analgesics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
Important! In the presence of in anamnesis in patients of diabetes of the second or third type, with the administration of these medications need to be extremely careful, and best to wait for the emergency doctor.

The most popular disease of joints of legs treatment

The most common pathology provoke the appearance of pain in the feet — arthritis, arthrosis, gout, damage to the meniscus and bursitis.


The inflammatory process in the joint construction or arthritis rheumatoid, infectious, traumatic or reactive nature affects people of all ages regardless of gender. Infectious and reactive types of arthritis begin in the result of the pathology of viral, microbial, bacterial origin. And also after infection of the organism chlamydia, Mycoplasma + gonococcus. With regard to rheumatoid arthritis is the result of an autoimmune aggression of the protective barrier. For these types of pathologies characteristic lesions of joints, tendons, within the articular components, to hurt muscle tissue.

Rheumatoid arthritis is considered a serious diagnosis, because its mechanism is compromised immune system that destroys healthy joint cells, considering them as an invasion of alien agent. The first targets are the lower and upper limbs, even to the borders of the phalanx joints. Completely cure the pathology, even after the most effective drugs failed anyone, therapy the stagnation of the process, but do not destroy, pathogenic agent to the end.


With arthrosis of the articular structures undergo large changes. Destruction leads to deformation, partial or full immobilize, as well as changing body shape and full life, or rather leads to disability.

Treatment refers to the restoration of the joint by surgery, to rehabilitation plus with special exercises, and with the exception of physical activity. Conservative medical therapy similar pattern of arthritis. An obligatory part of treatment is diet, exercise therapy and physiotherapy.


The deposition of uric acid in the joints leads to gout arthritis (read more in this article). This category includes men aged from 40 to 55 years. This pathology is less common for women. Most often this can be caused by factors such as hormonal imbalance, kidney stones, complications after poisoning the body with toxic chemicals and metabolic disorders. Gout affects small joints, especially joints of feet and fingers. Treatment is aimed at elimination of the main causes of the increased content of urea in the blood. Recommended Spa treatment.

Folk remedies to combat foot pain

After the full course of treatment, patients trying to find information about "aching joints of the legs what to do folk remedies". Traditional medicine contains a lot of healing tools, help patients with pathologies of the musculoskeletal system. The most popular:

  • Tincture of garlic, onion and honey: 100 g of crushed garlic + 100g of onion gruel + 2 tablespoons honey + 200ml of vodka. Insist 3 days. Used as a RUB and compresses.
  • Sabelnik tincture: 200g of the crushed plant + 200 ml of vodka, insist night. Drink a teaspoon before meals 3 times a day.
  • Badger fat and propolis: RUB the painful joints, then cover with a plastic bag and wool scarf in 2 hours. Repeat 2 times a day – morning and evening.
  • Tincture of horseradish and honey: 100 g of horseradish + 100g of honey + 100 ml of vodka. Insist night and taken orally, 20 drops, to RUB the sore joints.
  • Mustard ointment on the basis of pork fat: 2 tablespoons mustard powder 200g of fat. Stir well, leave in a warm place for 2-3 days, then RUB the foot. Repeat 1-2 times a day.
  • Compresses of alcohol tincture of oak bark and fir needles: 200 g of oak bark and 200g of crushed spruce needles plus 100 ml of alcohol. To RUB my feet or put a compress on 1 to 15 minutes, morning and evening.

And remember: traditional medicine is good, but it is not the primary means to eliminate the inflammatory agent, and the only means to relieve the pain, so need to be treated only in the hospital and the doctor!