Therapeutic gymnastics for the joints different from the usual sports activities. Its peculiarity is that the exercises provided in the complex was intended not to increase the burden on the muscles and improve joint mobility. So they are fairly simple and easy.

Assess the state of their joints and select the exercise you can own. Small tests will show how fluid those or other areas of the spine and extremities.

Before you do exercises to strengthen joints, follow these steps:

  1. Tilt your head down, chin touching the sternum;
  2. Tilt your head left and right, trying to touch ear to shoulder;
  3. Pull your shoulders back, connecting the blades;
  4. Join hands in "castle" in the back, shoulder blades;
  5. Sit down five or six times without hands;
  6. Lean forward without bending the legs. Try to touch the forehead knees;
  7. With your feet shoulder-width apart, reach hands to floor;
  8. Standing back bend to see the object lying on the floor behind.

If all the exercises were able to accomplish easily, therapeutic gymnastics for the joints you really need. However, active and healthy lifestyle should not be forgotten and hereditary predisposition to arthrosis it is necessary to do exercises to strengthen joints two to three times a week.

Gymnastics for the joints of patients — the basic exercises

Gymnastics for joints consists of a complex of simple exercises. Therapeutic exercise in diseases of the joints — a great way to improve their mobility, relieve pain and inflammation. Exercises for joints are divided into several groups, they can be run serially, or from the complex. It all depends on the condition of the body, from how he is willing to stress.

Therapeutic exercise in diseases of the joints includes the following exercises:
  1. For the development of the joints of the cervical — tilts head left and right. Do they need very carefully, the cervical vertebrae — a rather weak point of the body. Do not strain doing exercises for the joints, try to relax the neck and shoulder Department.
  2. As training of the shoulder girdle do the Mahi and the rotation of the hands, different in amplitude.
  3. Therapeutic gymnastics for the joints of the elbows and wrists bending and straightening your arms, push UPS from the table.
  4. Effective physical therapy in patients with the joints of the fingers — open and close hand into a fist and raise fingers apart as widely as possible.
  5. Exercises for painful joints of the knee — squats. If they are hard — leaned on the chair or table.
  6. Good exercise for hip joints — the leg swings forward and backward and stretching — splits longitudinal and transverse. Remember that exercises for the joints of patients is not done through force, the splits should be gradually, each day a little more stretching of muscles and ligaments. In any case, do not perform physical therapy in the patients with joints sharply, trying in one day to achieve maximum results. It will only worsen the disease.

Physical therapy for the joint disease, what to pay attention

When in polyarthrosis, and in that case, if the movement of the joints causing severe discomfort and pain, compound exercises should be a doctor. Exercise therapy in the patients with joints in this case should be held under the supervision of experts. Then, when the condition improves, exercises for the joints of patients can be done at home.

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Gymnastics for the joints will be more effective if before and after training to use special ointments. This drugs with hydrolysate of collagen and glucosamine, which reduce inflammation and improve the production component of the oil. For example, gymnastics for patients of knee joint, the patient brings discomfort, it will be much more comfortable if you stretch your joints, having a massage using cream Collagen Ultra. The cream stimulates the production of joint lubrication, accelerates blood circulation. Due to this the joints become more mobile, exercises do not cause pain.

It is necessary in the treatment of diseases of the joints, not only the outer effects, but replenishment with nutrients from the inside. Bioactive supplements that contain hydrolyzed collagen, which provide the body with this essential for recovery of joint tissue material. The course of taking Collagen Ultra, designed for 3 months, and you can see the effect already after a month of use.