Gelatin for joints: as to drink, reviews of doctors, especially the use and contraindications

Almost every store sell crystalline powder white or slightly yellowish color. Gelatin is widely used in cooking as a thickener because in contact with water it swells and turns into a viscous mass.

It is used in folk medicine, but need to know exactly how to use gelatin for joints how to drink. Reviews of doctors and patients will prevent many errors.

Gelatina Quid est, et quid facere ipsi

The composition and caloric content

Gelatin contains a large number of different amino acids.

  • Most in glycine - a substance that regulates the activity of the Central nervous system. At the same time, this amino acid is a kind of energy for the body.
  • Relatively high contents of Proline and lysine, which are responsible for the processes of reconstruction and synthesis of cartilage in the joints. It is because of them gelatin became so popular in the treatment of arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, etc
  • The minimum quantity is contained alanine, glutamine, aspartic and other amino acids.

Gelatin has good chemical composition. The microelements contained in it is small, but they are present in large numbers. Per 100 g of dry gelatin per 300 mg of phosphorus, 2,000 mcg of iron, 700 mg calcium, 80 mg magnesium, 1.2 mg of potassium, 11 mg sodium.

It contains a lot of protein: 87,2 g. But fats and carbohydrates – the minimum number (0.4 and 0.7 g, respectively). In spite of this, gelatin is very calories – 355 calories per 100 g. However, if the divorce, this figure decreases to 60-70 kcal.

The beneficial properties of gelatin

Thanks to this rich composition of gelatin has many useful properties. Use it even in small quantities will improve the body.

Continet multus of servo
  1. Improves the digestive process. The gelatin coats the stomach wall with a thin film and reduces irritation. Therefore, in the treatment of certain diseases, it is recommended to use.
  2. The source of protein.
  3. Contains large amounts of collagen, so it nourishes the skin from within. With regular use of gelatin slows down the process of aging. The replenishment of collagen, which is produced with the years all is less, is the prevention of formation of wrinkles.
  4. Strengthens hair, makes them strong, shiny, prevents cross-section, struggling with brittle, stops hair loss.
  5. Strengthens nails, stimulates their growth, makes stronger.
  6. When complaints of sore joints treatment gelatin receives positive feedback.
  7. Recommended for use in the fractures.
  8. A cheap alternative in chondroprotectors for lovers of sport and gyms.
  9. Normalizes the Central nervous system and brain.
  10. Adjusts metabolic processes.
  11. Increases blood clotting, which is important for people who are prone to prolonged bleeding.


Has the treatment of joints gelatin contraindications? Reviews and recommendations of doctors show that some limitation there. In certain cases, its use should be altogether excluded. Caution should be exercised:

  • When the tendency to thrombosis, so to. the substance thickens the blood and can cause increased blood clot formation.
  • Paulo plura de beneficiis
  • Gelatin strengthens. Therefore, for people suffering from constipation, it can become a catalyst problem.
  • He was expelled with gallstones and urolithiasis, since it belongs to the group accelegrow. You can't take gelatin and gout.
  • Can cause allergies.
  • Due to the fastening action is not desirable to use gelatin hemorrhoids.

A little more about the benefits

The above benefits and harms of gelatin. Simple recipes below will help make it right. The secret of popularity of gelatin is very simple. Its structure is virtually identical to the collagen, because it is a product of denaturation of the latter. Consequently, their influence is similar. Collagen is indispensable for the regeneration of cartilage tissue, a positive effect on the skin, hair and nails. Due to the lack of this construction element start destructive processes: inflammation and deformity of the joints, wrinkles, hair loss, brittle nails.

To be treated gelatin easy and cheap. It is effective as prevention. Its main advantage is availability. Sachet of gelatine is much cheaper than various medications. Not necessary, because it is sold in any grocery store. In addition to prevention, it is sufficient to include in your diet meals that contain gelatin, which is simple, cheap and tasty.


What features of the treatment of joints gelatin? Patient testimonials show that it is not always possible to take it inside. In this case, you can use one of the simple recipes that offers a traditional medicine, - gelatin poultice. It will help to cope with pain, improve mobility and allow you to get rid of the crunch. The poultice is applied at night. To make it easy. You will need:

  • gauze or a bandage of suitable width;
  • Folliculus
  • 1 tsp. of gelatin;
  • plastic bag or film;
  • a scarf or a thick towel;
  • bandage.

Initially, the tissue to be heated. To do this, it is dipped briefly in hot water. Then wring out and fold it into several layers. Remove the need to thoroughly so that the water did not run over the gauze. In the middle layer is poured gelatin. The napkin is applied to the sore spot on top of it applied polyethylene and wrapped all warm clothes: scarf or towel. So in the dream the bandage is not lost, it is fixed with a bandage.

The first time you might not get the desired result, because treatment of the joints is a lengthy and complicated process. Immediate relief will come in about a week. The course of treatment lasts a month. This is especially good recipe for those who receiving gelatin is prohibited.

Infused water

The treatment in this way is a month. The maximum period is 3 months. Otherwise you may have side effects as constipation. Just need 150 g gelatin (in powder form). The drink is prepared in the evening, standing all night, drunk in the morning. Repeated the treatment after 3 months.

The tincture is prepared as follows. In the evening pour 2 tsp gelatin packets in half a glass of water and leave until morning for it to swell. You can measure out the powder and the balance, then you will need 5 grams of dry matter. The next day, the cured mass should be diluted with warm water, adding another half Cup, stir well and drink. Make gelatin have half an hour before meals.

Peculiarities of treatment of joints with gelatin. Reviews of this show. The tool is pretty specific taste, not everyone will be able to drink it. Therefore, drugs can add a little sugar. Better yet, dissolve gelatin fruit juices. Better to use orange or berry, because they contained the acid breaks down the hardened mass.

Tincturam in aqua

Tincture milk

Eventually you get tired of taking gelatin for joints. How to drink it if you want something special? You can make milk jelly, which are so familiar to Soviet people from childhood. Preparing the "medicine" easily and quickly. To make the treat, you will need:

  • 2/3 Cup low-fat milk;
  • 5 g (2 tsp) gelatin;
  • honey or sugar.

Crystalline powder diluted in warm milk, add sweetener to taste. Leave the mixture to swell the gelatin. The milk is then heated until complete dissolution of the powder, however, we must not allow to boil. The mixture must be constantly stirred, so that the gelatin is completely dissolved. When this happens, remove the cookware from the stove and allow to cool. Then jelly sent in the fridge to full hardening.

To support the joints, to cook this delicacy you need 2-3 times a week.

The use of dry gelatin

Another way how to make gelatin for joints. How to drink and use in the treatment of this tool if you don't like the taste? In this case, you can take gelatin in a dry form. 5 g of dried substance washed down with warm water and "seize" the ascorbic acid. Take this medicine half an hour before meals. The course of treatment is 1 month.

Gelatin recipe with honey

On the night of the gelatin leave time to drink: 1 tablespoon of powder pour 100 ml of water. In the morning, to the mixture add 1 teaspoon of honey and diluted the mixture with warm water. Drink this remedy before meals.

The course of treatment is 3 months, but being built on schedule in 10 10. That is, within 10 days gelatin is accepted, then there is a pause of 10 days, then re preparing tincture, etc.

This remedy will not only support the joints, but will strengthen the entire body due to regular intake of honey.

Gelatin for joints: as to drink, reviews of doctors about the method

From the point of view of traditional medicine, gelatin alone is not able to win a complex joint disease. But it can significantly relieve pain and improve joint mobility. However, this should not be the only method of treatment. It is necessary to complement physical therapy, massage, physiotherapy and other tools that are recommended by official medicine.

Doctors recommend taking gelatin for joints. How to drink? The doctors agree that should consume it in any form: as jelly, aspic or a special tincture. Otherwise, everyone decides for himself.

Who needs prevention

There are groups of people who are likely to develop diseases of the joints. They need 2-3 times a week, eat foods containing gelatin. It will be very useful gelatin for joints (recipes, how to drink, reviews - all these issues we have discussed) of the following groups:

Tincturam lac
  • athletes;
  • people with high body mass;
  • elderly;
  • people during periods of hormonal alterations the body (pubertatem, pregnancy, menopause, etc.);
  • when working on the feet or the employment related to lifting loads;
  • for incorrect, balanced diet;
  • with a lack of vitamins;
  • frequent trauma;
  • after infectious diseases;
  • if you have relatives who suffer from joint disease.

You need to remember before you begin treatment with gelatin

The majority of joint diseases pass in its development several stages. First appear discomfort and crunching in the joints, pain during or after exercise. The most effective treatment gelatin if it is begun at the first stage. Some processes can be slowed down or even stopped.